Animals paradise

Arriving at the Borgo Incantato, does not mean arriving at a hotel, but opening the doors of a magical place, dedicated exclusively to animal and nature lovers.

The domestic and wild animals live all together in a sustainable ecosystem where the conscious Host immediately comes into contact with animals not guarded and used to interact with humans, but always preserving their instincts.

For this reason, Il Borgo Incantato is not a place open to every visitor. It welcomes only Guests aware of the risks associated with interacting with free animals and suitably prepared for this experience that will open them to a world full of emotions and unique moments.



The “Animal Paradise” project was born from the mission of the Enchanted Village, which aims to welcome, re-educate and coexist with every domestic or wild animal saved from the slaughterhouse, coming from situations of abandonment or great hardship.

The peculiarities that distinguish us from other shelters are:

  • Free Animals in Nature
  • finally happy all together
  • in a sustainable ecosystem where they feed themselves

It is a long and patient process of setting in which key figures are the Shepherds of the Caucasus Mokka and Tora who, with their nature of guide dogs are instinctively led to submit and then protect every type of animal with which they come into contact.

But the history of the Animals and also the essence of the Enchanted Village can not exist without the figure of Cinghy, a wild boar of a few days of life entered by mistake or fatality in the house of Giulio many years ago.


Cinghy grows among the dogs and cats of the house and soon stands out for intelligence, sensitivity and communication skills, but also for its independence and sense of freedom.

An animal that par excellence is considered and known by man only to be hunted and eaten, and that immediately surprises the whole family with its sweetness and great sense of communication and that stimulates a deep reflection on indiscriminate hunting and intensive breeding. Così a mano a mano cresce in Giulio l’idea di identificare un terreno per regolarizzare Cinghy in quanto gli animali selvatici non possono essere detenuti senza autorizzazione.

So the idea of creating a herd of wild boar only for the purpose of restocking, but in truth this project is at the same time the desire to change life and devote time to contact with animals building a habitat of great commonality between Nature and its animals and then share this experience with Visiting guests.
From there the step was short and also thanks to the collaboration with the local authorities, first of all the ASL, which was born the Enchanted Village, to extend the welcome to every pet and wild.

Ninety-six hectares of land, three natural water springs, a forest rich in nutrients and ideal for creating a sustainable ecosystem and six fences for “special purpose” ready to accommodate any eventuality and situation, from gestation to birth, education and inclusion in the enchanted world of the village!

The animals

who are we?

Cinghy e Gioia Maria

Cinghy e Gioia Maria

They live free in the woods of the village and love comfort and freedom. Every now and then you have to pick them up in the village of Pompagnano where they go for a regenerating walk!!

Il nostro Tora pastore del caucaso

Mokka e Tora

The two female Caucasian Shepherds are guardians of the precious treasure of domestic and wild animals in the village. (Tora in photo)



Akita Inu, a personal defense dog who will welcome you upon your arrival at the Borgo with his royalty and his inscrutable gaze full of wisdom.

Azumi e Kori cuccioli


Caucasian Akitas, born in the Borgo and removed from a litter of 10 siblings who found external adoptions, will support, starting from the next few months, their mother Mokka and aunt Tora in the management and protection of all the animals.”

famiglia di cinghiali

Wild boars

An ever-growing family made up of our wild boar friends who know they are safe and can live protected in the woods of the Borgo, also supported by the help of our friend Giacomo the Woodsman, who with great loyalty, respect and passion guarantees us that the local hunters they will never chase them away!



Sardinian donkey who lost her tongue and had to be knocked down because she was unable to feed herself. It took a month at the village to exercise with a bottle to make it autonomous in drinking and eating.
Now, happy, it looks for caresses with his big eyes from all the Guests!



Sardinian donkey pure, breeding stallion.



Sardinian donkey saved by a miscarriage that would have killed her too. In this regard, a special thanks to Prof. Lakami!



Asinella Sarda 1997, passes her old age in the village and continues to give birth to beautiful donkeys

Famiglia di asinelli sardi

Gianmarco e Rosa

Asinelli Sardi sons of Susy and born in the Borgo. Their life is happy from birth!



250 kg of sympathy! Having arrived in the village as a child destined for the slaughter, he bit and wriggled because he clearly knew that all his family members, when they left the farm, never came back…Now he eats, sleeps under the wild cherry trees and follows his friends Pegasus the horse and Carolina the cow!


Alfredo, Francesco e Matteo

A family of pigs that have been welcomed at the village thanks to the collaboration with Ylenia and its tireless animal welfare association!



Maramea, Aurelio and Flaminia arrived at Borgo from situations of great discomfort

Hela e Barbara

Hela e Barbara

The first one, polite and domestic, had to be separated from her owners because she was constantly bleating, creating problems for the neighbourhood… when she arrived at the Borgo, after half a day she no longer bleated.
Barbara instead comes from a narrow box of a stable, where she had been “parked” for some years following the death of her elderly mistress. Arrived at the village totally atrophied and battered, within three months has regained a sufficient motor ability and is now free and happy to receive caresses and pieces of bread from guests!



The Stallion Horse: it identifies an uncastrated male destined to spend his life in the stable because indomitable, difficult to manage, even dangerous. Our “Pegasuccio” is of infinite goodness, especially when he looks at you with those wide open and deep eyes. Al Borgo lives free and happy even when even cow Carolina tries to mount it!!

Anastasia Romeo Franco

Anastasia e Romeo and little Franco

An entire family of deer destined for slaughter that has distinguished itself in the farm because they are aware of their end. Always united, we managed to “take them in groups” from their cruel fate and allow them to continue their life together and free


fallow deer

Francesca, Adelaide, Penelope, Aldo and Andre’: rescued from the slaughterhouse, some even fully pregnant, they now populate the village and the family is constantly expanding.


Carolina the Cow “Bull”: it is said that we all have a male and a female component that coexist in us . Carolina is 70% bull and 30% cow!
She runs like a horse, she is very smart and intelligent, her tongue has become famous because she can grab any type of food that appears 20 cm from her nose!



Ginny and the Bengal cats: arrived by land at Borgo Incantato. Starting with the Borgo pickup from Russia at war in November 2023, they became real travelers: they crossed Georgia, Turkey, Greece, they boarded and relaxed on the ferry to Brindisi and then once they arrived at Borgo they knew all the animals, including dogs and puppies!!



The four wolves that arrived as cubs in winter 2023 live in the valley. They scrutinize the other animals without attacking them, especially thanks to the pact of non-belligerence made directly with Mokka and Tora, the two Shepherds of the Caucasus, supreme queens and guardians of the Enchanted Village! They scrutinize the other animals without attacking them, especially thanks to the pact of non-belligerence made directly with Mokka and Tora, the two Shepherds of the Caucasus, supreme queens and guardians of the Enchanted Village!



The fox Luisa at the Saracen tower


roe deer

The male roe deer in love with our “dainesse” who continue to bark on summer nights!

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