Quad excursion

Il Borgo Incantato is the ideal starting location for all those who are thirsty for adventure, passion for nature, but also for those who have never climbed on a quad.

With multiple mountain routes of varying difficulty, you can make group excursions up to a maximum of eight participants, to discover the village and other unique and unexpected places, such as the “ghost town” of Catinelli, with a breathtaking view of the valleys.

A truly memorable experience beyond all expectations!

Starting from €35 for children, and from €150/quad for guided excursions.
Advance booking required. Children will be able to rent the quad to independently do tours within the property along agreed routes,under the responsibility of the parents. Difficulty 3/5.
Guided excursions in the woods, to discover the surroundings, have a minimum duration of 2 hours, including stops. You must have a B or B1 driving license and wear the helmet supplied together with the helmet cap. Difficulty from 3/5 to 5/5

Wild Park-Animal paradise-Educational Farm-Animal Tour

At the Enchanted Village, history joins the breathtaking beauty of Nature which, with respectful silence, leaves you amazed because porcelain deer coexist with Sardinian donkeys, domestic and wild boars, alpacas, cows and pigs, Akita Inu and Caucasian Shepherds who control and protect the many dogs and cats that we welcome from situations of hardship or abandonment. Nature and animals make the village always alive and ready to excite! You can book visits to domestic and wild animals with Golf Car or Pickup.

25 p.p. Adults, 15 € children (from 5 to 12 yeas), free for hotel guests -min. gruops of 3 people.

Reservation required at least 24 hours
The visit is not exclusive and consists of meeting the free animals, which respond to calls, during a guided tour of 60-90 minutes. On the property: stable, Saracen Tower in the woods, wild animal enclosure. The route can be steep and it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing, it is not accessible to strollers and not recommended for people with health problems. Children under 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult guardian. It is not recommended for people who are afraid of animals. We decline any responsibility regarding any material and physical damage caused by animals (domestic and wild), which are free on the property. The means of transport is chosen between pickups and golf cars at the sole discretion of the management, subject to availability and weather conditions. The service is free for disabled people.


Pic-nic and Chic-nic

In close contact with animals and nature you will breathe a bucolic air, you will be accompanied with the golf car in the dedicated areas “The olive trees” or “The stable”. The cheerful tablecloths, the green lawn and the inevitable picnic basket will be the perfect setting for your day, and for the joy of children will be offered a souvenir gadget. The Chic-Nic, a transformation of the Pic Nic, more refined and glamorous and completely customizable: buffets, lights, music and lots of joy will brighten up your most special moments, such as parties, birthdays, bachelor/hen parties…

Reservation required at least 24 hours in advance, stay allowed from 12.00 to 16.00. A basket is provided containing: tablecloth, sandwich, fruit salad, dessert, water. The guest is accompanied to the reserved area (olive grove, lawn in front of the swimming pool, stables). There may be free animals. Do not feed the animals. There are no chairs or tables because this is an authentic picnic. There are no last minute alternatives in case of adverse weather conditions. By calling the Borgo number you can place additional orders (extra sandwiches for €5, wines, drinks, see bar list). The tablecloth and basket must be returned at the end of the picnic and the waste must be disposed of in the appropriate dedicated buckets. “CHIC-NIC” SERVICE FOR BIRTHDAYS AND EVENTS STARTING FROM €35 P.P., plus set-up of €200 for up to 10 people. The dedicated area is exclusively set up with straw seats, tablecloths, candle or battery lighting. The service is also available in the evening during the high season. Stay allowed for 4 hours (16.00-20.00/19.00:23.00), including soft drinks.

Walking with an animal (alpaca, Sardinian donkey, goat, Caucasian shepherd.)

Live an unforgettable experience with us, walking, immersed in nature, with these magnificent animals.

A relaxing 30-minute journey around our property, where you can interact in peace with one of our furry friends. There are various routes available suitable for all age groups and you can interact with them even simply by sitting in nature. After a short training, aimed at understanding the behavior and reactions of the animal, it is entrusted on a leash to the guest and/or group. To handle the animal requires a minimum of personal skill. With this service you help support the Animal Paradise project of the Enchanted Village. €50

Ghost Town Catinelli

About an hour from the village, you can reach the “ghost” town of Catinelli, built on a rocky coast with a breathtaking view of the neighboring valleys.

A transport back in time a hundred years to relive the ancient rural origins.

Tour possibilities:
1-in quad, min. 2 people, €200,
groups €150 per quad, any passenger €30. Duration 2 hours. 2-in pickup min. two people €80, each additional person €10. Duration 2 hours.

The Saracen Tower and the Asteroid Crater

In front of the swimming pool, the circular route through the woods begins to discover the Saracen Tower and the 90 m deep Asteroid Crater.

With the directions provided you can independently complete the approximately 2 km route and you can also descend into the Crater. Around the Borgo it is possible to walk along paths in the property’s woods, following the signs (see also Map of the Borgo).

Independent route

Rafting in the Marmore Falls

A mix of adrenaline and pure fun, on a dinghy or hydrospeed, experiencing the river and its rapids as a protagonist.

Riverwalking is also available at night.

External service starting from €100. Reservation required well in advance in high season.

Visit to the Chiocchio cave

Near the Borgo it is possible to explore one of the most well-known Italian caves, the Grotta del Chiocchio. The visit aims to visit the first accessible stretch of 250 linear metres, made up of galleries and rooms rich in sediments and millenary encrustations. Through technical passages typical of the underground environment, you will relive the emotion of almost delving into the interior of the Earth!

Adventure course, 250 m. Not suitable for claustrophobics. Allowed from 12 years to 65 years.
It is necessary to wear shoes with sculpted soles, clothing compliant with 12 degrees, and comfortable clothing. Helmet with light and harness are supplied. AIGAE speleological guide. Duration: pickup transfer 20 minutes, half day excution €100/pax, groups of max. 5 pax, minimum 3 people.

Hot air balloon ride

Your stay at the Enchanted Village will be completed with an experience full of magic, because on a hot air balloon you will be able to admire the enchanting Assisi from above, the small delightful medieval Umbrian villages, surrounded by the greenery of the famous Umbrian vineyards and olive groves. After landing the experience will continue with a sumptuous breakfast full of typical Umbrian products accompanied by a tasting of the best wines.

External service starting from €200. Reservation required well in advance in high season.

Guided excursion to waterfalls and pools in the woods

A unique and memorable experience through an excursion into the woods to reach waterfalls where it will also be possible to swim. A place away from any tourist circuit, to feel connected to Mother Nature in total silence and harmony

Min. 5 people, 50€/pax.
Advance booking required. Half-day excursion including swimming in the pools and picnic. Transfer by pick-up of 15 minutes, transfer on foot in the woods of 30 minutes. Difficulty 3/5.

Go- Kart

Light, but adrenaline-filled fun to “change the speed of the day” on board the latest generation karts.

A prestigious karting track where the whole family can race, even the little ones from 7 years of age onwards. It also runs at night.

External service, reservation required.

Work in the garden

The garden of the Enchanted Village awaits you. Together with us you will discover the richness of the land and its fruits. We will make you work together with us to clean and harvest the vegetables and learn about the traditional techniques that we use in close contact with the colors and scents of nature. Then, at our restaurant “La Gioiosa” you can taste the fruits of your harvest on your plates!

2 hour activity, it is necessary to wear trekking shoes and comfortable clothing €50.00.

Collecting wood in the forest

The Enchanted Village will introduce you to the wonder of its forest, its scents and the variety of its plants.

We will go together to collect wood in the woods with the pickup and you will help us store it for the winter.

2 hour activity, you need to wear trekking shoes and comfortable clothing €50.

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