Borgo Incantato

Origins & History

Origins & History

Il Borgo Incantato is a farmhouse classified 5 sunflowers. It is located in Umbria, in Spoleto, in the province of Perugia, precisely in the hamlet of Pompagnano, just 4 km from the historic center, immersed in the quiet of a centuries-old forest.

The property, expertly renovated, is surrounded by 96 hectares of farmland, with a breathtaking view in the enchanting setting of the mountain and two hills fringed with olive and chestnut trees.

Officially recorded for the first time in 1200 as Villa Ajelli, it began as a 240-acre farm, which housed 10 families and produced one of the highest agricultural incomes in the Spoleto area. In the following years, assigned to the order of the Poor Clares, the property was renamed the Convent of Agghielli, as still testified today by a plaque placed above the entrance. The building has a characteristic dovecote tower and a lovely little church, transformed today into a place where two can share moments of pure joy through a food and wine journey with a dedicated service.

The village is enchanted by nature and animals: here’s ours mission, which is contained in this declaration of intent: Welcoming domestic and wild animals, saving them from situations of severe physical and/or psychological distress to “give” them a life in complete freedom, without constraints and above all without confinement in cages or fences. Staying at the Borgo also means supporting our project and making it an integral part of it together with us, accompanying us in the daily life of our work, which also aims to offer our Supporting Guest a memorable experience made of unique emotions through the eyes, gestures and actions of our animals.

It will also be possible to support us remotely Patreon and continuously view our videos, you can adopt one of our animals remotely, you can give the gift of a stay or an adoption and… if you really fall in love with one of them you can also complete the complete adoption by giving them a heart and your own home!

To make this project sustainable we need the help of each of you!

We, here at Borgo Incantato, try to do our best: we have obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, we offer high-level hospitality services, we have our own restaurant serving Italian cuisine with products from our garden and “0” kilometer products, we offer our supporters an experience to remember surrounded by our animals.

We have a swimming pool overlooking the hills, large green spaces, a panoramic terrace, two wellness areas. For lovers of walking there are numerous paths to follow on foot or by mountain bike. The structure is also available for memorable events and ceremonies surrounded by nature and animals, in this place far from time, full of atmosphere and positivity, where you can restore your body and mind! Several particularly sensitive people have found a strong flow of energy in a certain point of the woods…

The Enchanted Village is also its plots of land, crossed and fed by three   natural springs, cultivated with organic and biodynamic methods to fully integrate authentic flavors on the table with care and attention.

And again, the accuracy of the conservative restoration work carried out with sophisticated green architecture and green building techniques, which have highlighted even more the original stone and brick materials on the walls, with the tiles and tiles entirely made by hand, which they enhance the beauty of the wooden beams and which also harmoniously accompany the part dedicated to hospitality.

Added to all this is the pleasure of walking among the animals in the property’s woods, with dedicated paths or perhaps to reach the hot tubs and saunas located in the woods, which ensure even greater synergy with Nature.

Not to forget the absolute pleasure of relaxing by the pool or in the solarium.

The mountain, the coppice chestnut forest,  the truffle forest, the organic vegetable garden and a Saracen tower from the year 1000 represent the environmental setting of the village.

To enjoy the colors and scents of nature, to carry in your heart the essence of this oasis of tranquility among the colors and scents of the area…

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