Borgo Incantato

Animal Paradise for Families and Schools

Welcome to the Enchanted Village, the Animals’ Paradise located in the splendid setting of Umbria, near Spoleto. Extending over 96 hectares of lush forest, our village offers a unique experience for families and schools, allowing you to interact with animals in a natural and serene environment.

Educational Experience for Schools

At Borgo Incantato, we believe in the importance of environmental education. We offer specialized educational programs for schools, where students can learn directly from nature. Through interactive activities, children and teenagers explore the lives of animals, understand the importance of conserving biodiversity and develop a deep respect for the environment.

Fun for families

Families who visit the Enchanted Village can enjoy an unforgettable day among the animals. Children have the opportunity to get close to different species, observe them up close and even participate in moments of care and feeding under the supervision of our expert staff. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, surrounded by nature.

Natural and Sustainable Environment

Our village is immersed in 96 hectares of Umbrian woods, a natural habitat where animals live in complete freedom. We are committed to maintaining a sustainable balance between human activities and the environment, ensuring animal welfare and the preservation of our ecosystem.

Location and Ease of Access

Located near Spoleto, in Umbria, the Enchanted Village is easily accessible for both families and schools. Its privileged location makes it the ideal destination for a day trip or a longer stay, also offering the opportunity to explore the historical and natural beauty of the region.

The Enchanted Village is more than just an educational farm; it is an experience that combines education, fun and love for nature. Whether it’s an educational school visit or a family outing, we offer a unique experience for everyone. Come and discover the animal paradise in the heart of Umbria!

Animali al Borgo Incantato
Aminali al Borgo Incantato

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