Discover the KM 0 flavors of the Borgo Incantato farm

Local and organic agricultural excellence

The “Il Borgo Incantato” agricultural company represents a corner of paradise for lovers of 0 KM products. Located in the fertile heart of Umbria, our company is committed to offering the highest quality products, grown, harvested and processed within our territory, guaranteeing freshness, sustainability and zero environmental impact.

At the “Il Borgo Incantato” farm, the zero kilometer philosophy is a tangible reality. We support the local economy and reduce the environmental impact, bringing fresh and genuine products directly from the farm to the table, which you can savor both in our “La Gioiosa” restaurant and directly in your home. Come and live a unique experience, where taste, tradition and respect for the environment meet in a perfect union.

Fresh vegetables from the garden at 0 km

Discover the rich and authentic taste of our seasonal vegetables, grown with respect for the environment and harvested when fully ripe. Our gardens are a true oasis of biodiversity, where every vegetable is a pure expression of our territory.

Products at 0 km

The cured meats, cheeses, truffles, oil and wine we use are the result of a careful selection of local raw materials and traditional processing techniques. Each piece tells the history and traditions of our territory.”



Il Borgo enchantato also offers professional hydroseeding services for a variety of applications, from naturalistic engineering to simple soil greening.

The service is active all year round:
hot freight with two operators €900/day or fractions, seeds and chemical products excluded.


All the animals in the village live free and perfectly integrated, contributing to the repopulation of their original species.

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