il borgo incantato ristorante


The Borgo Incantato’s restaurant conveys an atmosphere of warmth and refinement on account of the use of stone and chestnut which, in addition, brings back to life its history.

The two splendid fireplaces, at each end of the dining room, together with the small chestnut bar, overlook the terrace. Here it is possible, thanks to an automated, anti-wind awning system, to sit out all year round, listening to the sounds of Nature and to enjoy the wonderful kaleidoscope of colours thanks to a Led illumination system which continuously changes reflections.

Receiving, with all this, the solicitous attention of our chef and entire staff eager to offer you traditional flavours and even surprises from among the fish caught at Mazaro del Vallo, a visit to us at the Borgo will always be an unforgettable and emotional experience.

il borgo incantato ristorante
Your sensory experience will continue when you proceed into the old water cistern, now transformed into our wine cellar.
Comfortably seated on a Chesterfield sofa with soft lighting and enveloped in a unique niche atmosphere you will be offered a glass of wine specially selected for you by our sommelier, from our prestigious stock.

An enthralling and emotional experience!